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1 Can I book medical treatment direct with providers on your website?

Access Medical Treatment has entered into secured arrangements with all our providers. For insurance and data management reasons, it is a condition of these arrangements that all communications with providers must be made through Access Medical Treatment. Patients are accordingly requested by Access Medical Treatment and their providers to address all communications to Access Medical Treatment and not to contact the providers directly.

2 What happens if I have to cancel my treatment at the last minute due to incapacity, illness or any other personal issues?

What happens if there is an unforeseen cancellation of your treatment will be discussed with you at your initial consultation with Access Medical Treatment. We will provide you with written information on our cancellation policy and this forms part of your consent procedure.

If you are able to re-book your treatment, Access Medical Treatment will liaise with the provider  to re-book you for another convenient date.

All patients are required to be insured for treatment for their own protection. Please follow this link to our insurers Key Facts document where you will find information on the insurance cancellation policy as it relates to cancellation of treatment.

3 What happens if there are complications following my treatment when I get home?

It is very important that you follow the advice and guidance of your consultant in regard to your preparation for your treatment (particularly if it involves surgery), what to expect during your treatment and surgery and post operative advice.

Advice might involve changes in diet, abstinence from alcohol and smoking and in the case of orthopaedic surgery, pre-habilitation exercises.

It will also include advice on the amount of time you will need to recover.

If you experience problems when you get home following your treatment, you should:

  • Contact your General Practitioner ; and
  • notify Access Medical Treatment

We will direct any concerns to the consultant who has control of your care and we will assist you when required to ensure that you are supported at all times.

All patients are required to be insured for your own protection.  Please follow this link to our insurers Key Facts document where you will find information on the insurance policy as it relates to treatment being medically assessed as unsuccessful.

4 What happens to me if I need hospitalisation or emergency care during my treatment?

All our clinics, including your provider, have established partnerships with local major general hospitals who are able to treat patients should they require emergency care of a type not provided by the treatment centre or hospital during the time that the patient is receiving their treatment.

All patients are required to be insured for treatment for your own protection. Please follow this link to our insurers  Key Facts document where you will find information on the insurance policy as it relates to medical and additional expenses.

5 Does my usual health insurance cover me for medical treatment?

No, you will need to take out specific insurance that covers you for the exact medial treatment you are going abroad to obtain. The type of insurance you require and how to obtain this will be discussed with you during your initial consultation with Access Medical Treatment staff and can be arranged direct with the insurer.

6 How do I pay for my treatment?

Payment is made in sterling direct to Access Medical Treatment and can be paid either by cheque or bank transfer.

Access Medical Treatment uses the Batiff exchange rate or for UK patients, the Post Office exchange rate to convert from the Euro prices used by providers to Sterling.

7 What arrangements are made for pre-operative assessments that may need to be done prior to any operation going ahead?

Pre-operative assessments include blood tests, body weight measurement, blood pressure, and rechecking your current medication, or undergoing diagnostic imaging such as x-rays.

The consultant will determine from your medical questionnaire whether any further pre-operative assessments are needed prior to a decision being made as to treatment. A consultation may additionally be required with the consultant, undertaken by email exchange or by a video or telephone link, depending on the circumstances. This will seek to capture all relevant information needed by your treating consultant as part of your consent to treatment. If a video consultation is required, this will be arranged and supported by Access Medical Treatment. Consultation dates and times will be co-ordinated by Access Medical Treatment to fit in with the schedule of the treating consultant.

If treatment is to proceed and you have given your consent to treatment, in most cases a further comprehensive and targeted pre-operative assessment will be undertaken by your treating hospital prior to surgery, whilst you are at their premises.

In some cases, pre-operative procedures will need to be undertaken before you travel. These are usually carried out  by your General Practitioner or local hospital. These procedures may include pre-operative blood tests, a full blood count, MRSA swab and an Echo Cardiogram (usually referred to as an ECG). Results will be relayed to your treatment centre through Access Medical Treatment.

If the consultant gives specific instructions on preparations that must be made prior to any treatment, these must be followed. Please note that you will be asked to sign to confirm that you understand and undertake to follow the  advice provided by your consultant as part of our contract with you.

Additionally the consultant must be made aware of any medications you are taking.

8 Will my records be confidential?

All information processed whether in face to face conversations, by telephone or video, via email or other forms of communication relating to any enquiry will be held in the strictest confidence and in line with general data protection requirements including our privacy policy.

All Staff employed by Access Medical Treatment are required to sign a declaration of secrecy in regard any information that comes to their knowledge which is applicable during and after their employment with Access Medical Treatment.

For further information on your data rights please read our Privacy Policy 

Please see the answer to question 9 in relation to disclosure of your medical notes.

9 Who will see my medical notes?

Access Medical Treatment will request medical information relevant to your treatment, including your medical notes and any diagnostic images, to be provided by you.  Access Medical Treatment will send these through secure links to the proposed provider. You will be asked to expressly give your consent to Access Medical Treatment obtaining the medical information from you and forwarding it to the treating hospital or clinic.

Once you are accepted as a patient by the treating hospital, and once you have given your consent to treatment, all the medical documents that are required in relation to that treatment will be co-ordinated between the relevant parties by Access Medical Treatment. This might include scans, x-rays, blood test results, clinic letters, discharge notes, pharmaceutical requirements.

After your treatment, your discharge documents and other medical notes will be sent to you. You are strongly advised to share these with your General Practitioner to complete your medical records.

All correspondence between you, the treating hospital or clinic and Access Medical Treatment will be conducted in English.


Data Protection Requirements

For the purpose of complying with data protection requirements please note:

Access Medical Treatment will request that you sign a consent form enabling us to hold your special category data, in confidence, for a period of 12 months from the date of your discharge.

You will then be sent a notification 9 months from the date of your discharge from treatment, advising you of the date on which your medical records will be transferred back to you via a secure link and the date upon which your special category data will be destroyed by Access Medical Treatment.

Information that we hold that does not form part of your medical records or is not  special category data will be retained by Access Medical Treatment for 7 years from the date of your discharge from medical treatment, and then securely destroyed. This includes  information such as your name, date of birth, gender, address, type of medial treatment sought, consent/rejection of the treatment, date and place of treatment and bill settlement.

10 What can I expect in terms of aftercare?

You will be expected to remain in or near the hospital or treatment centre where your treatment has taken place for follow up checks or until you are discharged. These arrangements will be discussed with you prior to any treatment and will form part of the consent process.

Your consultant will discuss and plan with you any further follow ups that may be required after your discharge and these will be co-ordinated by Access Medical Treatment either in the country where the treatment has taken place or in your home country as may be appropriate.

Follow up care required in your home country, such as wound checking, will be organised with your consent prior to your treatment. This will be with your nurse, General Practitioner or another specific provider qualified to follow up on the treatment you are to undergo.

Once all the follow ups have been completed you will receive a final discharge letter from your consultant. Please note it is  your responsibility to provide this to your General Practitioner to complete your medical notes and so that they are aware of any medical treatment you have undergone. Access Medical Treatment strongly recommend that this is done as soon as you receive the discharge letter.


11 Do you carry out checks on the medical treatment centres and on the consultants that you use?

Yes, we use our knowledge and understanding, gained over many years of commissioning medical treatment for patients, to ensure that the service and standards meet the regulatory requirements of the Hungarian Regulatory Authority and the European Union. We also ensure that all consultants are registered and licensed to practice in their field of expertise with the relevant authorities. A discussion of the checks that Access Medical Treatment carries out will be provided to you during your initial consultation.

12 Will the consultants and nurses treating me speak English?

Yes, the consultants treating you will speak English and wherever possible so will the nursing staff. For most of your treatment you will be accompanied by your patient liaison who will speak English.

13 Are there any other options for me to travel direct to the country where my treatment will take place?

There are several private air charter companies that will provide air transport charters.  Access Medical Treatment has details of their costs.  If you would prefer to travel direct or would like to split the cost of travel between a group of patients travelling to the same city, please ask a member of Access Medical Treatment staff and we will discuss availability, costs, timetables and details with you.

14 What happens if my flight is cancelled or delayed on the way to the treatment or on the way home?

If your flight is delayed or cancelled either on departure or return, you must immediately call 07781 115886 or 07911 737751 and let us know.

You will need to check with the Key Facts document on your insurance to see if the circumstances allow you to recover any extra costs in relation to re-booking flights and accommodation. You will be asked to pay the costs of re-booking flights and accommodation in the first instance if your airline does not cover this for you.

If you are travelling to your treatment centre, we will liaise with the treatment provider to rearrange the treatment date if required. We will re-book airline tickets if this has not been done through your airline and will also re-book your accommodation. Whilst you will be responsible for the cost of the flights and accommodation (see above) you will not pay anything extra to Access Medical Treatment for us to make these arrangements on your behalf since this is part of our service to you and is designed to avoid unnecessary stress or anxiety.


15 Can I book tours or excursions while I am in the country where I am having medical treatment?

The primary reason for your visit is medical treatment and some wellness packages such as spas may not be available to you after treatment.

We have arrangements with a tour operator dedicated to assisting our patients in regard to any other plans you may wish to make while you are away. We will advise you on the types of excursion that may not be appropriate depending on the type of procedure you are having.

16 Can I book my own travel?

As part of the service we provide, Access Medical Treatment books all travel. As part of the consenting process, you will be asked to let us know your travel preferences, and your preferred airport of departure. You will be provided with all the relevant dates for your treatment which may include pre-operative assessments. The dates you are scheduled to leave following your treatment may be more flexible.

17 Can I book my own accommodation?

As part of the service we provide, Access Medical Treatment books all accommodation required pre and post operation. Access Medical Treatment has used our experience to make sure that you are in a convenient location,  have the type of in room facilities that you may require and access to other amenities that you may require post treatment, particularly if this has involved surgery. Our aim is to ensure that you have a well-equipped, comfortable and convenient environment to help you to enjoy your stay and recuperate well. We will provide you with pictures of the hotel and sight of location and rooms during your initial conversation.

The location of the accommodation has also been considered in relation to where you will be receiving treatment, ease of access and other potential mobility issues post operation. Our partner hotel is located in a quiet environment aimed to aid quick and peaceful recuperation.

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